Why you still need to print your pictures

When everything is digital and a single memory card can save thousand of your pictures so why I decided to print my pictures on a Photo Book?

Literally I have taken thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pictures, and I must say 99% of it were missed focus, not framed well or just those I wish I had never taken.

But once in a good day I will get that 1% of pictures that I do really like and want to keep. A picture that I can look again and tell a story behind it.

Like that one Above, not everyday I found a rare Lamborghini Countach, a white version of this is the one we saw driven on Miami Vice by Don Johnson. I remember I was using my old pocket camera Ricoh GX200, I sat there on the pedestrian with cars passing inches from my knees. I just wait there hoping to get the whole picture, the emotions of people seeing this rare UFO and guessed what? I got this picture on a first shot. I love it! 

Then this picture on one rainy morning when I was rushing to an event for work, I was carrying my old Canon 5D Mk1 with a 50mm 1.8 the only thing I could think of was getting to the event on time and not getting myself fell off on this slippery pavement. Then came by this lady graciously riding her bicycle using one hand while the other is holding an umbrella. Lifted up my 5D tried to level and frame …. then thats it. I did not even look at the results until days as I was editing my works. Again Love it and I want to keep it.

Not until after couple of years as I start taking pictures again have I got the courage to take a Black and White pictures. I have always love how photographers can do a great Black and White pictures. 

I was standing at a higher level of business district in a bright morning when I saw that lights and shadows were just there making its own composition. Then I’m thinking I need a subject! so I just stood there waiting, hoping the sun doesn’t shift before my subject. Then come a gentlemen right in to my frame. Got this one! I’m keeping it. This one shot was made with my Leica M8.

So, why I think that I should print my digital pictures. Because I want to be able to pick up the image and tell a story behind those pictures also to remind me why I decided to keep taking pictures, documenting life, preserving moments …

I made a selection from couple of years of my photo walk in to a Photo Book from Google Photos with a tittle Like It Or Not. Those are likely my less that 1% pictures that I took and I love so much.

I am thinking to make this available on PDF version to download. Let me know on comment section should I do that.

In the mean time I am leaving you with my YouTube video telling more stories behind my pictures in this Like It Or Not Photo Book. 

Sorry if the video tittle was a click bait. More stories inside I promise You.

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